Music of the Vines Vol2

Music of the Vines Vol2
Most of the music for Music of the Vines II was written at the Chateau that they are titled after. As in Vines I, each one of these Chateaux and their owners have a very special place in our hearts, and hopefully we’ve given you our personal side of these wonderful people who give us so much happiness with their wines. Wine, music and your favorite person at your side. What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Enjoy, and remember, screwcap wine doesn’t count!!!


1. Zurtrabe
2. Mondavi
3. Martray
4. Olivier LeFlaive
5. Pichon-Longueville
6. Clos Des Pape
7. Egon
8. Spencer
9. Pol-Roger
10. Graham
11. Gardner
12. Sacha
13. Beychevelle
14. Fulton
15. Franc-Mayne
16. Chateau Les Ormes De Pez
17. Music of the Vines