American Masters Concert

American Masters Featuring Ronnie Kole

This was a really exciting concert for me to do and believe me, when you watch the DVD or listen to the CD, you’ll feel the electricity…What a wonderful orchestra this was to perform with, conducted by Paul Stanbery and Associate conductor David Burchfield…I was thrilled to be able to also use their 60 plus voice chorale on three of the compositions…Seeing and hearing will make a believer out of you, so sit back and enjoy this exciting concert…

The Patriotic Medley and Mozart’s Turkish March were arranged by Ronnie Kole and Raphael Morvant…All others by Ronnie Kole…


1.   Overture & New Orleans Opener
2.   Chateau Gloria
3.   R.K.’s Boogie
4.   Duke Ellington Suite
5.   Dark Eyes
6.   Evergreen (with Chorale)
7.   Patriotic Medley (with Chorale)
8.   Amazing Grace (with Chorale)
9.   New Orleans Musical Legends Medley
10. Mozart’s Turkish March (or “Rondo” a la Turk)
11. Chariots of Fire
12. Voodoo Moon
13. Saints